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From up to down from material to craft . All level up! see u in july

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  • *Item:All dry mask

    *Product features:

    1、Process:TPU combines with PC, high-end, visual harmony.

    2、Airway innovation:3 airway change to 2 airway, 1 in 1. Increase the air intake to make breathing easier and easier.

    3、A small float:①Add a float      ②The ball has a built-in iron ball that makes it easier to fall off

    4、Intake valve:4 air inlet valves to make breathing easier.

    5、Move the adapter: 3 bars to strengthen the flexibility of the joint, and skillfully let the rotary joint hold the front end of the mask to ensure that the tube head will not fall off.

    6、Screw reinforcing outer frame: the bottom is equipped with screws, convenient assembly, reinforcing outer frame, making sure that the silica gel is not easy to fall off.